Wax Myrtle

Wax myrtle is a common plant that can be found growing wild in the south and thrives in USDA Plant Hardiness Zones 7 through 9. While some view this plant as a weed, others value it not only for its landscape value but also its history. In a nutshell, the wax myrtle got its name from the fact that the berries are covered in a waxy coating.

Scientific Name: Morella cerifera

Other Names:  Southern bayberry, Southern wax myrtle, Candleberry

Fun Fact: The berries can be boiled to extract the wax coating for candle making.

Permaculture Uses: Nitrogen fixer, candle makking, beneficial to wildlife, possible medicinal uses, spice and flavoring, tea, mosquito repellent

Propagation: Seeds , semi-hardwood cuttings , softwood cuttings

Pollination: wind pollinated, male and female plants required.

Local Challenges: None noted.

Photo is from plant at Three Acre Paradise.