We host several meetups a year so if you are interested check out the “Space Coast Gardening and Homesteading” group on

Plant and Seed Exchange


The Space Coast Gardening and Homesteading meetup hosts plant and seed exchanges throughout the year at Three Acre Paradise. The goal of the exchange is to help each other diversify our gardens and landscaping at minimal to no cost plus learn about new and interesting plants we can grow here in Brevard County.

We welcome everyone to attend even if you don’t currently have anything to trade. Members who bring items for trade will get priority for limited items but in the past this hasn’t been a problem, there’s been plenty for everyone. You are also welcome to bring plants and seeds for sale as long as the cost is below what we would expect to pay at retail cost, however anyone selling plants or seeds will have last pick for free items.

If you have any extra garden produce or fruits to give away we welcome that as well.

The meetings run for one hour so please be on time or up to 30 minutes early. We will have an area to place all items, once the meeting starts we will take turns describing the items we have brought (name, use, how to grow, etc) and answer any questions about the items. If you are not comfortable speaking about items you brought that is okay. Please label all items with at least the common name. We will also provide seed packets to help distribute bulk seed.

At the end of the meeting you are free to remain and network with the other gardeners. We typically give a property tour at the end if weather and mosquitoes permit and can focus the tour on any items of interest (Banana circles, aquaponics, EarthBox garden). Hope to see you there!