Scientific Name: Annona muricata

Other Names: Guanabanana

Description: Soursop fruit has a sweet and tart custard-like pulp, typically heart shaped, and weigh upwards of ten pounds. They make great milkshakes and can be eaten fresh as well. The trees are grow fast and they can begin fruiting in just two years.

Permaculture Uses: The young green fruits with seeds that are still soft can be cooked as vegetable. When ripe, the flesh can be eaten off hand or as dessert, or processed into candies, jams and jelly. The juice is used for flavoring or packaged into refreshing guyabano drinks. The leaves are used as herbal medicine. Because the tree is small and tolerant of partial shade, it can be intercropped with coconut or with large fruit trees like mango, durian, avocado and jackfruit.

Propagation: Seeds, air layering, bareroot transplants, budding, grafting.

Pollination: Self pollinating but better results can be obtained by some manual assistance.

Local Challenges: None noted.