Passion Fruit

Passion fruit grow on a fast growing vine that climbs with tendrils. The flowers are large, showy, and extremely aromatic. They are also excellent butterfly attractants. The pulp is used extensively in fruit juice drinks like Hawaiian Punch, and it is often used in baked desserts as well. The Possum Purple fruit typically get to be about the size of a goose egg (this is the one growing at Three Acre Paradise). The Sweet Sunrise variety is baseball sized and yellow.

Scientific Name: Passiflora edulis

Fun Fact: The fruit drops to the ground on its own when ripe, which makes it really easy to know when the fruit is ready to harvest. This also makes harvest an “Easter Egg Hunt” like experience.

Permaculture Uses: Edible fruit and fast growing vine can be used as a privacy hedge or trained on a trellis.

Propagation: Seeds, cuttings, grafting

Pollination: Purple passion fruit is self-fruitful (which means it can set fruit without needing a different plants pollen). In other words, you only need one plant to get fruit. However, the yellow variety is self-sterile (meaning it is sterile to its own pollen and incapable of self-fertilization).

Local Challenges: None noted.

Photo is from plant at Three Acre Paradise.