Jamacain Cherry

Scientific Name: Muntingia calabura

Other Names: Calabur tree, Capulin,  Panama berry, Strawberry tree, Ornamental cherry, Jamfruit tree, Singapore cherry, West Indian cherry

Description: The fruit of the Jamacain Cherry are born on the outstretched branches of the tree. Each fruit is about the size of a blueberry and contains an abundance of tiny yellowish seeds too small to be noticed when eating. The flavor is often compared to cotton candy. The trees are highly ornamental and fast growing, providing a good source of shade and a fruit that is a favorite among children.

Permaculture Uses: The fruit is delicious and often used in tarts and jams. The wood is usable in carpentry, bark can be used for twine and ropes, flowers are said to possess antiseptic properties.

Propagation: Seed, air layering

Pollination: Self pollinating

Local Challenges: None noted.