Three Acre Paradise is a privately owned property located in Melbourne, Florida. The goal is to make this a model for permaculture and self sufficiency for Central Florida and help others with similar ideas.

I’ll keep a running status update here and update every few months. If all goes to plan, we will be able to begin regular monthly property tours and workshops in 2019.

November 2017 – we are in the early stages of building the property and have learned a lot over the last year, most importantly how much a hurricane and associated flooding will affect the property.

February 2018 – In the last few months we’ve added an aquaponics system, banana circles, a Sunchoke (Jerusalem artichoke) mound, a few fruit trees around the property, and have planted some (hopefully perennial) veggies in various places. The fencing across the front of the property has been contracted out but not installed yet, once that is done we will fence the sides and new garden area.

June 2018 – Fencing in the front is complete, the remaining big projects for the year are to finish fencing the remainder, fill and level a few more low areas, and get infrastructure in place (water, power) for future projects around the property. We recently went from drought like conditions to heavy rains and flooding, it’s been a good test for a few of the changes I’ve made so far.

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