Going Two Directions

I’ve noticed on my YouTube channel I get a lot of activity on garden how-to posts and other informational subjects but very little on things related to the property. On the other hand, posts on this site seem to do very well when property related.

That being the case, I’m going to focus this blog on property related happenings and the videos more on the how-to items. I’ve renamed the YouTube channel to Gardening Solutions to better reflect the content that will be there. I will still post videos about the property (including a full tour coming up for spring).

If you haven’t been to the YouTube channel please go check it out and subscribe if interested. When I get to 100 subscribers they will let me get a custom url (web address). I’ll continue to cross post to both locations but the video posts will be short here (mostly a link and description of the video).

There’s a lot of cool stuff coming up this year, spring is right around the corner!

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