The Easiest Hydroponics – Kratky

If you’ve followed my blog then you have seen my opinion on aquaponics, it works well but I’m not a big fan of the maintenance required. In this video I’m taking a crack at hydroponics using the Kratky method. This method doesn’t require a pump or aerator, it’s very simple and an easy way to get started. If this works well here in central Florida I may switch the aquaponic system over to hydroponic.

Items used in this build:
2 inch CZ net pots –
1.5 inch Grodan rock wool –

3 inch CZ net pots –
2 inch Grodan rock wool –

Dyna Gro Liquid fertilizer –

Gaffers tape –
Gaffers tape is like duct tape on steroids. It sticks better, flexes, and holds up to the sun and weather much better. Yes, it is more expensive but for the times when you need the extra performance it is well worth it (I used it in this video to tape the plastic on the buckets).

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  1. I was reading that this area is too hot for hydroponics one the summer. Would the water get over 80, or even 85? Any thoughts on that?

  2. Hi Greg, when I ran an aquaponic system in the summer it did just fine so I think if you can just keep the water cool there shouldn’t be any problem. I plan on building an enclosure around the tanks in the next design to keep them shaded. It also depends on what crops you want to grow, my summer favorites were swiss chard and celery in the AP system, they did fantastic.

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