After Dorian

We were lucky, hurricane Dorian barely touched the coast here and damage in the state was minimal. At Three Acre Paradise there was no structure damage and very minor plant damage. Here’s a video of typical winds we saw plus a walk around the property afterwards.

The damage that saddens me the most didn’t actually happen during the storm but was a result of the storm preparations. After Dorian passed we still had to leave the front gates open since I had secured them with some concrete blocks, that night a deer came in and caused a lot of damage to one of my favorite avocado trees. This is the first tree I had planted, it was starting to recover from previous deer damage and was growing nicely. Now I’m not sure if it will make it. Fencing only works if you close the gate!

Avocado deer damage

The tree has about a third of the bark remaining. I could let the smaller branch at the bottom grow then remove everything above it but no telling if that would work. One other possibility I’m hoping for is that as the tree grows the missing bark area won’t grow with it, in that case the bark around the tree will expand and the missing area will be a smaller percent of the total (hope that makes sense). I have a mulberry that is recovering in that manner.

In any case we were fortunate that Dorian stayed off the coast. Maybe that will be it for this year, if not then we will be ready. Every time I run through a hurricane prep the checklist gets refined and as a result the stress level gets reduced.

I’m glad to get back to normal, now to resume planting!



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