Mulch-R-Us and Flea Market Find

Tonight’s post will be pretty brief, it’s been almost two weeks since my last post so I wanted to get something up and try something new.

Flea Market Find

First up, I’ve seen these a few times in the past and have been tempted to buy one but the price is a little steep. It’s called an AeroGarden, basically a self contained hydroponic system with lighting built in. They are primarily designed for people who don’t have much space but that’s not my purpose, I want to use it for starting seeds. They actually make a seed starting accessory for the system, basically smaller planting pods but a whole lot more of them in the same amount of space. Well, last weekend I found one at the local flea market for $20, and this included the seed starting kit! I’ll report back how well this works once it’s up and running.

Aerogarden bargain find

Mulch Delivered!

Last post I mentioned that a land clearing company had contacted me about bringing a bunch of tree chippings to the property – for free! How can I turn that down? The property is not ready for the bug mulch job that is planned once fencing and infrastructure are completed but hey, sometimes you have to take things when they are available.

Well, I’m happy and sad to say they did deliver (pictured at top of post). I’m happy because they did bring a lot of material for free. I’m not so happy because it was really low quality, more like tree chunkings rather than chippings. The chips are large and will take a long time to break down. A lot of it is mixed with dirt, this is a good thing as it is topsoil scraped from the land they were clearing. I’m sad because they wouldn’t deliver it to the back yard where I wanted it, they were afraid of their trucks getting stuck due to all the rain. They did deliver one load to the back, luckily this was actually the cleanest load so I’ll leave it in place to spread out as a path at a later time.

In total I got 10 loads, or around 200 cubic yards of material (I cut them off after this). My Kubota tractor has a 1/3 yard bucket, maybe 1/2 yard when I overfill it since the mulch is fairly light. This means it will take around 300 trips back and forth to move the chippings/mulch/sludge to the back, some will remain in the front. This is the reason for the late post – I still have around 40 yards to move but should be done by this weekend.

Here’s something new, my first video within a post! This is just a 10 second clip, it’s a video of one of the piles as I pull material from it. The material has started composting already and it is so hot it is smoking!

Next post I’ll be going over my hurricane preparations, with the crazy weather we have been having the last few years I’m hoping this may be useful for someone. Until then, stay dry!

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